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Health & Safety

Health & Safety:

  • The health and safety of our customers and staff, is of utmost importance to us at Trampo Extreme. Providing a safe environment to play and have fun is the foundation of our business. 
  • We follow all manufacturers guidelines for regular checks and maintenance and all areas are checked based on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule depending on the equipment. 
  • We have stringent protocols in place for hazard identification, accident, incident reporting and follow up, and have completed risk assessments for all areas. 
  • Each year we also have a complete health and safety audit.

Risk and the Trampo Waiver:

  • All activities at Trampo Extreme are of an active nature and thus may have varying elements of risk. It is our responsibility to take every practicable step to minimize this risk for customers and staff. However, we ask customers to accept that, like any active activity, injuries may occur
  • We do not encourage customers to try activities that are beyond their ability or engage in activities where a condition they currently are aware of (e.g. pregnancy) may be adversely affected by the activity. We do not make an assessment of each individual, but expect that customers will take the responsibility to either self-assess or assess those they are responsible for onsite (especially children).
  • Each customer must be covered by a signed waiver upon arrival. Essentially, this asks customers to accept that being an ‘active’ activity, there is some risk involved (e.g. a twisted ankle on the trampoline). Waivers must be signed by someone 16 years of age and over.

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